Silver Clay Projects


The Coo Family

The step by step making of the wee Highland coo family!
First the basic shapes are made and dried, then each strand of hair is rolled and added. Next comes the making of a face and a personality. Finally a pin or bail can be added and they are all ready for the kiln!

Tree of Life

This slide show is of the making of the Tree of Life Pendant. Starting with a lump of Silver Clay the base shape of a leaf was cut out and a tree was 'painted' on using silver clay paste, one fine layer at a time using a very fine brush. Each layer has to be dry before the next is added. While the layers are drying the tiny leaves are individually cut out from a sheet of thinly rolled lump clay and the veins drawn with a fine stylus, these are also put aside to dry. Then the leaves are fixed to the dry base with paste and the whole piece left to dry again.
Meanwhile a leaf shaped bail is made and dried.
Finally the bail is added to the back then the whole piece is dried once again and fired.
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