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At Earthgems we work with genuine semi precious gemstones and take great care to source good quality materials and beads from the four corners of the earth
As you will find looking around our site, some of the stones and gems you will know and others you would not have heard of.
In the A-Z of gem stones we have listed some facts such as:
How the stones were formed.
Where they are found.
The properties and myths that surround them.
We have also added some pictures of how the gems and stones look before they are cut and polished for us to use.    



The name Agate comes from the river Achates (now Dirillo) in southwest Sicily which is where the stone was first discovered, you will often find beautiful flowing patterns within Agate and it comes in many different colours and can be transparent or opaque. Said by the ancients to render the wearer invisible, Agate has been admired by humanity for thousands of years.

It was especially valued during medieval times, when it was the custom to bind Agate to the horns of oxen to ensure a good harvest. The danger was that your beasts of burden would become invisible!!

It is also believed to cure insomnia, ensure pleasant dreams, protect against danger and promote stength and healing.


Throughout history Amethyst has been one of the most popular and mystical of all gemstones.

It has been found in jewellery dating back to the neolithic period.


This gems name comes from the greek "a methustos"- not to intoxicate,

because of it's name it was believed if you drank out of a goblet made of Amethyst it would prevent drunkenness.

I don't think that myth has been tested recently, feel free to try it for yourself and let us know!


Believed to bring peace of mind and modesty, and to change anger into tranquillity.


The gemstone Turquoise has been highly prized since Egyptian times and its name means "Turkish stone" as it was imported to Europe via Turkey. The colour of this historical gemstone ranges from a greenish blue to a beautiful, striking sky blue.

When Turquoise is mined it often has traces of chrome or iron set deep within it and it is this that give the gemstone its unique colour. If the gem has definite patterns viewable to the naked eye its known as "Turquoise Matrix" The pattern is caused by different elements running through veins and, more often than not, are brown, grey or even black depending on the area where the gem was mined.

Turquoise is said to have been mined for more than 6000 years in Sinai. In Persian times people would adorn themselves in this gem, usually around the neck or wrist, as it was believed the stone would prevent fatalities. It has long been thought to be a holystone bringing the wearer good fortune and a prosperous life. Even  today Turquoise is thought to clear the mind and cheer people up. Its colourful blues denote a sense of wellbeing and spiritual harmony.

Because Turquoise is  porous, when wearing a piece it is important to avoid contact with any chemical liquids. Therefore it is strongly recommended that any Turquoise should be put on after showering or applying make-up.

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